How You Can Turn Your Online Store Into An AR Experience

It seems like starting an online shop is the norm these days, especially since Covid-19 took over the world. The digital transformation of business is happening right as you read this. Due to Covid-19, many businesses have either closed or have had to pivot. Covid-19 has also created a new demand for online business unlike anything we have ever experienced. 

New both large and small have encountered obstacles they might never have encountered before. In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more and more digital, how can business owners not only pivot online, but stand out among all of the other businesses both established and new? 3D and AR experiences are changing the landscape. This technology and companies like VNTANA are helping businesses to disrupt how consumers view products online and are helping brands increase their online sales.

Between managing a business, networking, scaling and many of the other tasks required of business owners, keeping up on the current marketing trends can be tough. Following trends and staying ahead of them can be what makes or breaks your business. The “new normal” has many trying to catch up and find new ways to get what would traditionally be a brick and mortar business, online. In order to compete, people are using social media marketing and digital marketing more, and more. Large companies such as Google, Nike and many others have already begun the digital transformation of their business, with the integration of 3D and AR experiences as a part of their core marketing strategy. Just because large companies are jumping in, does not mean small to middle sized businesses use the technology as well. 3D and AR web experiences are more accessible now than ever. 

How does a midsize business get in on this new technology and use it to their advantage?

Get Your Products 3D Scanned

AR web experiences are something new, fresh and innovative, and with VNTANA it is easier than you think to get started. AR is the future of shopping, and it is more accessible now than ever. One of the first steps to creating an AR experience that will lead to more sales, as well as get your business noticed, is to get a 3D version of your product. This can be done by hand by a 3D artist or you can 3D scan your products. The process of finding the right vendor can be cumbersome for some business owners. 


That is why VNTANA offers to create digital twins for you to get started quickly. Our network of trusted partners can 3D scan your products and upload to the VNTANA platform to instantly share on your ecommerce website. VNTANA’s patented algorithms make this process fast and easy, so you can start selling in 3d and AR to increase sales quickly.

Sharing 3D Files With Clients and Coworkers

What was once a time consuming process has now been streamlined and is much easier to share. Once you have your products scanned the 3D model can be uploaded into a content management system (CMS) such as VNTANA. VNTANA not only provides a CMS built specifically for 3D, we also optimize those files to increase load speed by 10x. Our patented algorithms reduce file size by up to 95% without losing detail, allowing you and your team a quick, easy way to share and view files while working on projects together. The files are automatically converted into multiple formats allowing you to share your content across all platforms including mobile devices. This also means you have every file type you need for social media and advertising.

The Benefits of 3D and AR Web

Due to the pandemic, many stores have had to close their brick and mortar shops, customers have not been able to shop as they normally would and actually reach out and touch the material of a certain sweater, or see how that purse looks on them. With 3D and AR web, customers may still not be able to touch the clothes but they can get a sense of the texture and actual size of the product by viewing it virtually in their space. Shopify reports seeing sales double when businesses have 3D models in their online shops and returns reduced by 40%.

Become a part of the digital revolution, and put your business in the forefront of all of the changes. Contact VNTANA today and see how we can help you create digital showrooms and begin increasing your sales today!