How VNTANA Is Saving Retail With Augmented Reality

By Vanessa Liu, SAP.iO Foundries North America

Retail Augmented Reality

In mere months, COVID-19 propelled us five years into the future when it comes to digital adoption, according to global consulting firm McKinsey.

You can see this playing out across industries. Restaurants are improving online ordering and delivery capabilities. Telehealth is increasingly available for patients who need it. Online learning has become a mandatory option for students of all ages. On and on and on.

“Digital trends were already picking up steam,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and cofounder of VNTANA. “But COVID-19 has brought everything to the fore now. What used to be a nice-to-have is now a must-have.”

A Transformative Digital Impact

83.1 million U.S. consumers are using augmented reality (AR) every month, according to eMarketer.

“We’re talking about 25% of the population,” Crowder said. “This is a golden opportunity for companies to capitalize on a growing user base.”

Not only is AR’s prevalence unavoidable, but its effects on customer decision making and satisfaction are also undeniable…

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