Beat Supply Chain Disruption With 3D and AR

Covid-19 has impacted the supply chain in what sometimes can feel like an insurmountable way.

It has caused substantial impacts to everything from restaurants, grocery stores and other retail stores. From factories to ports and freight carriers, global supply systems are under such strain that the current supply chain problems will wreak havoc on the holiday shopping season, which can be a nightmare for retailers who count on the holiday season for a majority of their sales. How can business owners beat the supply chain conundrum? The answer is in 3D and augmented reality technologies.

Business owners have been finding it increasingly difficult to get the parts, fabrics and other supplies that they need to create their products. In 2020, during the height of Covid-19, world real GDP fell by 3.6%. Not only this but the volume of merchandise trading world wide fell by 5.3% as well. 3D technology and augmented reality are helping retail stores, e-Commerce stores and businesses in a variety of industries triage the impact supply chain constraints are causing to their business. Here at VNTANA we are helping to democratize this technology so that all online retailers can get their hands on 3D and AR to grow their business while creating a new avenue for sales and customer engagement.

When businesses have 3D models created of their products, supply chain impacts are significantly reduced. No longer is there a need to wait for glass jars, fabric or computer chips or anything else a product may need in order to be manufactured before you can start marketing it. Products can be sold before they are even manufactured! Gucci is an amazing example of how 3D tech and augmented reality are being used today. Not only was Gucci able to increase their brand awareness with virtual try-ons of their virtual sneaker but they were also able to sell the digital sneaker before they had even created the physical product. This is a great model to follow for many retail businesses, especially small to mid-sized businesses. Here’s how and why:

Have a 3D model created of your products. Not all products make good 3D models. Find the products that are most suitable for 3D. One product is all that is needed to begin. With VNTANA we will automatically optimize your 3D files, convert them into every web format that is needed, and provide a 3D web viewer for your website. It’s simple and easy to get started – in as little as 10 days. We can even create a 3D model from your existing products if you don’t design in 3D today.

The great thing about 3D models is that they can be used anytime, year round or longer.

These digital twins of your product can be sold and the physical copy shipped when the materials are in hand and the product has been created. This not only helps to increase sales and reduce the worry about shipping out products late, it also helps to generate revenue to create the physical products before they are made. An entire line of new products can be launched virtually and sold and those funds can then be put toward the creation of the physical product.

Even Toyota, one of the largest car manufacturers has faced shortage issues with the computer chips used in their vehicles. This caused them to announce that they would be slashing the global production of their cars by 40%! That is huge. Guess what they have implemented in their business strategy even before this announcement came? 3D technology and augmented reality in the form of a digital showroom. Rather than lose more money, they are leaning in and giving customers what they want while finding a workaround for their supply chain issues. Customers prefer to shop online. While shopping online they are looking for an experience and for realistic models of products that they can inspect and interact with before they buy, just like they would at a brick and mortar store. These AR experiences and digital showrooms are becoming increasingly popular for businesses large and small and for customers alike. With the delta variant going around and flu season beginning it is very likely online shopping will only increase this holiday season. Rather than being a business that constantly has products out of stock and therefore low sales from frustrated customers, implement 3D and AR now! Get a leg up on the competition and give customers what they are yearning for! 3D and AR have increased sales by nearly 200% and cart size by 60%. It is a no brainer.

VNTANA is your solution. Normally, creating these 3D models before the holiday season can be a time consuming process. We have cut that time down from months to days, even hours depending on your needs. We provide everything you need and will even help you to create 3D models and will provide the 3D web viewer for you. For more on how we can help you contact one of our 3D experts today!