3D And AR Insights

Future of Fashion Runway

The Benefits of 3D Fashion

Augmented reality (AR) platforms and the implementation of 3D aren’t exactly new concepts in the fashion industry. They have, however, seen a surge in relevance thanks

3D shirt model made in software like Browzwear, CLO, or Optitext optimized for ecommerce

3D Model Optimization and Why It’s Critical for 3D Ecommerce

3D technologies are increasingly popular in online shopping because they give consumers a better understanding of products. This in turn has proven to increase sales and reduce returns. Retailers are working overtime to develop successful 3D pipelines to implement 3D quickly. This includes optimization tools that make 3D models perform better in Augmented Reality (AR) platforms and 3D web viewers.

A render of a 3d couch in a living room

How PBR is Changing the Retail Game

As any retailer or product marketer knows, it’s nearly impossible to sell a product—big or small—without a photograph. Product images allow the prospective purchaser to