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Beat Supply Chain Disruption With 3D and AR

Covid-19 has impacted the supply chain in what sometimes can feel like an insurmountable way. It has caused substantial impacts to everything from restaurants, grocery

VNTANA 3d Online Shopping

Shopping in 3D: Future Outlook and Predictions

Finding a channel that isn’t already being overused for advertising, consumer engagement, brand awareness and more is tough. Most digital channels are saturated with brands


How 3D Models & XR are Changing Training

In their first guest piece for the VNTANA blog, Cortney Harding, CEO and Founder of the award-winning XR agency, Friends with Holograms, discusses the importance


Using PBR in Your 3D Model Design

Tips on Using PBR a.k.a. Physically Based Rendering in Your 3D Model Design PBR is quickly becoming a standard in 3D design. If you didn’t