3D and AR Insights

A render of a 3d couch in a living roomBlogs
September 15, 2020

How PBR is Changing the Retail Game

As any retailer or product marketer knows, it’s nearly impossible…
August 23, 2020

The Value of XR for Medical & Industrial Training

By Ashley Crowder XR is the overarching term for all…
August 20, 2020

QA Meets QR

VNTANA has always made embedding 3D products on User's site…
August 5, 2020

Do Polygon Counts Really Matter for 3D Web & Mobile AR?

3D is no longer just for gaming, we are in…
May 13, 2020

Meet the “Marie Kondo Method” of 3D Modeling

Marie Kondo took the world, and our closets, by storm.…
3D Technology in actionBlogs
May 5, 2020

3 Ways CGI & 3D Could Save Retail

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, the transition from…