3D Web Viewers – Commodity or Specialization? What Enterprises Need to Know

Introduction As 3D and augmented reality experiences continue to expand across the web, implementing 3D models and virtual try-ons have become key parts of many ecommerce strategies. Retailers and brands aim to showcase products in more engaging, interactive ways to connect with digitally-savvy customers. The integration of 3D web viewers into eCommerce platforms allows for […]

Amazon’s Leap into the 3D Realm: A Game-Changer in E-commerce

On December 14, 2023, Amazon made a huge step forward by supporting 3D natively within Amazon shops. This has been a long time in the making, but it’s not hard to see why they decided to make this move. Here are some stats on just how powerful adding 3D & AR to Amazon can be for your business:

Beyond Automation: VNTANA’s Vision for 3D as the Heart of Digital Content

When Ashley and I started VNTANA, we honestly didn’t think that we’d end up doing much in the digital asset management space. It’s a space crowded with legacy players, and frankly, it didn’t strike us as the most thrilling frontier—our passion was solving the complex problems in 3D. But after three years of close collaboration […]

Are Brands Sitting on a Treasure Trove of Training Resources?

Anyone who’s participated in or led a product training session for sales associates is familiar with the limitations of the conventional video formats to convey the look and feel of a product. Video overviews and spec sheets leave much to be desired in terms of engagement and efficacy. The dismal numbers on both ends of […]

Augmented Reality 3D Model Technology: Enhance Your eCommerce Site

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality 3D Model Apps: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions Augmented reality 3D model technology can provide eCommerce site visitors with exceptionally engaging experiences. Visitors can see your products from multiple angles, try them virtually, or preview how they look in their homes. This makes products more realistic and appealing, increasing engagement and sales. But implementing […]

Offline vs Real-Time Rendering

With 3D rendering increasingly being used in the fashion industry, we wanted to learn more about how brands can utilize it, and what the future holds for this technology. In this VNTANA Live discussion, we welcomed Yazan Malkosh, Founder and CEO at Swatchbook, Anna Violette, 3D Apparel Specialist at VNTANA, and Richard Evans, VP of […]

Real Time Virtual Try-On with WANNA

The shopping experience may be mostly digital for many shoppers today, but that doesn’t mean those online shoppers should receive a lesser experience. For online retailers, providing a great experience can be an extra challenge. But retailers who have successfully built great customer experiences online are all leaning into one important area – technology. Today, […]

Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality: AR vs. MR for eCommerce

AR vs. MR: Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality Augmented reality vs. mixed reality: what’s the difference between AR vs. MR? You’ve probably heard that these technology trends are influencing eCommerce, but you may not be clear on their distinctions. In this article, we’ll explain what AR and MR are, illustrate how they’re used in eCommerce, […]

3D Product Image Creation: Five Steps for eCommerce

How to Create 3D Product Images for eCommerce Sites High-quality 3D product images enhance the engagement of your eCommerce site or online store by providing your customers with realistic previews of what you sell. This helps your customers make better buying decisions, increasing satisfaction and sales. This blog will show you a five-step path to […]

5 Ways To Use Augmented Reality In eCommerce

Augmented Reality (AR) is reshaping the face of eCommerce. Online customers now routinely do virtual try-ons of clothing, preview furniture items in their homes, or click on product support captions to see shopping information. These are just a few applications that make augmented reality in eCommerce a game-changer for retailers today. Using AR can give your […]