How 3D Models & XR are Changing Training

In their first guest piece for the VNTANA blog, Cortney Harding, CEO and Founder of the award-winning XR agency, Friends with Holograms, discusses the importance of high-quality 3D models and their innovative use in AR and VR training. Friends with Holograms is a transformational VR/AR agency focused on creating innovative, powerful, and effective experiences for […]

Rethinking & Reordering Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Despite all the technological advances in the retail industry over the past few decades, the fundamental go-to-market (GTM) model is still broken. We design products, manufacture them, and then hope that we correctly picked the styles people want at the correct quantities. There’s a better way. Using technologies such as PLM & 3D Content Management, […]

Using Photogrammetry for 3D Sales and Marketing Assets

What is Photogrammetry and How Can You Use it to Create 3D Models?  Photogrammetry is the process of taking multiple pictures of an object and stitching them together to create a digital 3D model. There are various software programs available for photogrammetry, which have continued to improve with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine […]

How to Use 3D to Sell More with B2B Digital Showrooms

Technology is constantly changing and evolving how we do business. Just as video content has been known to increase sales and is now a standard in the business world for advertising, social media and more, 3D is increasingly becoming the standard for today’s marketing and sales world. Just check the stats for the impact 3D […]

How To Use Avatars in 3D Fashion & Gaming

Avatars and Meta Humans in Fashion and Gaming

While in fashion avatars are used to make sure trim and fit are right, there are many opportunities to use these avatars outside of the norm that can help expand your brand, increase sales and so much more. Avatars are being used in gaming, fashion collaborations and even as digital influences. Let’s break this down […]

PTC & VNTANA Offer New 3D Optimization Capability

PTC FlexPLM VNTANA Integration

As more brands and retailers pursue extended Digital Transformation (DX) strategies, significant barriers have emerged: 3D assets created for internal and supply chain collaboration are unsuited to use elsewhere, being stored in incompatible file formats and different, disconnected data sources. The file sizes of these 3D assets are so large that their use in product […]

What are texture maps and why do they matter for 3D fashion?

Different texture maps on one 3d object

Texture maps are essential to make your 3D images look real. They are applied to 3D models to create special effects, patterns or repeating textures. There are many different types of texture maps, but they all fall within two categories; PBR or Non-PBR. PBR stands for Physically-Based Rendering and renders an image the same way […]

The Benefits of Microsoft Mesh and What’s Limiting Mixed Reality

        Microsoft announced their new platform Mesh last week to enable better mixed reality experiences across not only AR and VR headsets, but also mobile and desktop. Mesh is built on Microsoft Azure which enables developers to build immersive, multiuser, cross-platform mixed reality applications through an SDK. Today it can work with […]

How You Can Turn Your Online Store Into An AR Experience

It seems like starting an online shop is the norm these days, especially since Covid-19 took over the world. The digital transformation of business is happening right as you read this. Due to Covid-19, many businesses have either closed or have had to pivot. Covid-19 has also created a new demand for online business unlike […]