Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Top AR Applications in 2023

Augmented Reality Use Cases

Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Hot Trends in 2023 Augmented reality use cases have increased as more industries realize the value of this versatile technology trend. By overlaying digital information atop images of the physical world, AR technology transforms the customer experience in ways that bring big benefits to eCommerce brands. Enhanced customer engagement, increased […]

Retail Augmented Reality: Pros, Cons, and Top Examples

3D and Augmented Reality (AR) are buzzwords that are increasingly used these days in the world of retail. And for a good reason. 3D has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 2x and reduce returns by 40%. According to a recent study by Deloitte and Snap, interacting with products through AR experiences leads to […]

eCommerce Product Configurator: Get Started With 3D & AR

As consumer purchasing preferences progressively skew towards eCommerce, buyers now crave interactive shopping experiences that can increase purchase confidence. With the average rate of returns for online purchases peaking at 20.8% in 2022, data supports that consumers may visualize a product as enticing enough to purchase but increasingly find it does not meet their expectations. To help effectively drive […]

Augmented Reality Marketing for eCommerce Sales

Augmented Reality Marketing for eCommerce Sales

Augmented Reality Marketing: Increase Your eCommerce Conversions The past decade brought considerable advancements to the eCommerce retail industry, which only grew in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. As more and more shoppers shift to online shopping as their primary method of shopping, there’s a clear need for innovative ways for brands to reach their target customers […]

3D & Augmented Reality in Social Media: The Future Is Here

How 3D and Augmented Reality Social Media Is Driving eCommerce Sales 3D and Augmented reality social media gives eCommerce brands captivating new ways to connect with customers and promote products. Augmented reality and social media are perfect counterparts, with interactive 3D experiences delivering higher conversion rates and even better performance than video promotions. Social media […]

Augmented Reality Uses in eCommerce: Top 5 Examples

Augmented Reality Definition: What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality, more commonly referred to as AR, is a three-dimensional (3D) interactive experience that allows consumers to combine computer-generated projections with a view of the real world. Augmented reality uses have exploded in recent years, with consumers now able to view and interact with 3D objects from their smartphone […]

How 3D and Augmented Reality Shopping Is the Future of Retail

VNTANA 3d Online Shopping

Augmented Reality Shopping Is Transforming the Buying Experience Augmented reality shopping is changing the way consumers buy products and services online, and retailers are adopting innovative ways to deliver buyers a satisfying AR experience. From interactive 3D models on ecommerce sites to virtual product try-on, brands are leveraging the latest technology to give online shoppers […]

What’s Your 3D eCommerce & AR Metaverse Strategy?

The metaverse is here! It reads like just an eye-catching headline, but 3D and AR experiences really are beginning to change how we meet, play, socialize, consume fashion and purchase products, and more. While still early, the metaverse and the audience are already here, and the brands who are leading the way in tapping into […]

Beat Supply Chain Disruption With 3D and AR

Covid-19 has impacted the supply chain in what sometimes can feel like an insurmountable way. It has caused substantial impacts to everything from restaurants, grocery stores and other retail stores. From factories to ports and freight carriers, global supply systems are under such strain that the current supply chain problems will wreak havoc on the […]