Sharing Complex 3D Demonstrations of Innovative Medical Devices

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, effectively showcasing complex and cutting-edge products to a remote audience presents a unique challenge. VNTANA’s medical clients are pioneering manufacturers of intricate medical devices. Their range of advanced, 3D-printed surgical instruments and robotic systems is utilized in surgical theaters and healthcare facilities worldwide. Traditionally, the demonstration of these […]

How To Embed A 3D Model In Your Website: A Quick Guide

Note: This article has been updated for 2023. It’s Easier Than You Think Wondering how to embed a 3D model in your website? With augmented reality (AR) becoming more mainstream every year, consumers and B2B buyers increasingly expect sites to provide 3D product previews. If you want your eCommerce or B2B site to stand out […]

Best Practices for 3D Animations in Web & AR

3D model optimization is a key part of preparing 3D assets for ecommerce – whether on websites or for augmented reality. It can help to improve file size, load time, and also ensure that assets are ready for AR and web-based 3D experiences. We wanted to share some of the best practices of using and […]

3D Website Design: Ten Examples to Inspire You in 2023

A laptop with an illustration of 3D Commerce

Ten 3D Website Examples for Site Design Inspiration 3D website design has become an essential part of effective eCommerce. 3D websites attract users with realistic graphics that create immersive environments and promote visitor engagement. Technologies such as augmented reality (AR), 3D models, and 3D animation offer interesting, fun, engaging experiences that attract attention and encourage […]

3D Model Optimization And Why It’s Critical For Marketing Consumer Products

What is 3D Model Optimization? 3D Model Optimization is the process of reducing the complexity and size of a 3D model without affecting its visual quality. This can be done by removing unnecessary geometry, optimizing texture maps and reducing polygon count.     Why is 3D Model Optimization Needed for Ecommerce? File Size Reduction 3D […]

Experiential Retail and Immersive Retail: Making Shopping More Engaging

Experiential Retail and Immersive Retail: Two Trends Transforming Shopping Experiential retail and immersive retail are making shopping more engaging for both in-store and online customers. Experiential retail enhances in-store shopping by providing a more enjoyable atmosphere for experiencing products. Immersive retail improves online and in-store shopping by providing more realistic product previews. Together these technologies […]

Product Configurators: Definition, Best Practices & Top Examples

Product Configurators: What You Need to Know to Provide 3D eCommerce Experiences Product configurators offer a solution to changing online shopper expectations. As consumer purchasing preferences progressively skew towards eCommerce, buyers crave interactive shopping experiences that increase purchase confidence. With the average rate of returns for online purchases peaking at 20.8% in 2022, data supports […]

Augmented Reality Content: 4 Steps To Engaging AR Content

Augmented Reality Content

Augmented Reality Content: How to Create Engaging AR Content for eCommerce Creating augmented reality content positions your brand to increase customer engagement and boost your revenue. To realize the benefits of AR for your business, you first need to know how to develop augmented reality content. Here we’ll show you the steps involved in effective […]

Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Top AR Applications in 2023

Augmented Reality Use Cases

Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Hot Trends in 2023 Augmented reality use cases have increased as more industries realize the value of this versatile technology trend. By overlaying digital information atop images of the physical world, AR technology transforms the customer experience in ways that bring big benefits to eCommerce brands. Enhanced customer engagement, increased […]

Retail Augmented Reality: Pros, Cons, and Top Examples

3D and Augmented Reality (AR) are buzzwords that are increasingly used these days in the world of retail. And for a good reason. 3D has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 2x and reduce returns by 40%. According to a recent study by Deloitte and Snap, interacting with products through AR experiences leads to […]