3D Experts At Your Service


We are in the midst of a digital transformation that is disrupting the way media is consumed as much as the internet changed the media landscape over the past 40 years. We’re talking about spatial computing. Spatial computing encompasses 3D Web, AR & VR and has created brand new types of digital experiences that improve learning, are more engaging and eliminate the need for in person interactions whether it’s selling goods in a retail store or training employees. The largest tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, & Facebook have invested billions of dollars into spatial computing & 3D. This technological revolution was well under way when COVID completely altered the way we interact with the world. Overnight every retailer turned into a D2C store whether their digital channels were ready or not. VR headsets flew off the shelves as businesses struggled to recreate in-person collaborations. And now, every business is investing to create a 3D content strategy because 3D content is at the core of any realistic and effective experience.

Creating 3D assets is time consuming and expensive because today’s 3D pipeline is completely fragmented. You have 3D design programs that create files to disparate standards and format variations.

Digital storage solutions such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive as well as PLMs as used today were built for 2D digital content and do not have the features required to view and mange 3D content. Plus, each Commerce and Ad platform have their own requirements and format variations.

Companies have multiple teams and agencies recreating the same 3D file for different purposes, wasting valuable time and money. There should be one single system of 3D data that provides every asset type needed for e-commerce and advertising. Companies and their employees could come to this one place, make changes, handle the optimization, conversion and propagation to every other digital content channel.

That’s what VNTANA is, and that’s what we do.