3D Task Manager

Quickly Enable Custom 3D Pipelines in your IT Infrastructure

Key Challenges

IT Infrastructure was built for 2D Only and lacks the tools required for 3D at scale

3D Models require complex pipelines for optimization, conversion and processing

3D needs change quickly, a flexible structure is required as the field progresses

The ModelOps™ 3D Task Handler

ModelOps™ is an efficient tool that enables you to quickly add custom 3D pipeline management to your existing DAM, CMS or PLM system. It functions as an umbrella for various scripts and provides an interface that makes it easy for users to select and perform a variety of tasks on a 3D model.

It provides all necessary tools to access its functions, making it a versatile addition to your 3D asset management toolkit. If you are building your own internal 3D DAM, ModelOps™ is a building block to simplify your development and increase your speed to market.

Key Benefits:

Simplify complex tasks such as file format conversions, optimizations for 3D assets, and generating image captures of 3D models.
It is equipped to support Object Storage Services , making it compatible with services like Amazon's S3 or Google's GCP Cloud Storage.
Facilitate effective third-party communication so you can add any new services quickly.
Easily link services together to execute complex workflows to enhance efficiency.
Allow users to define unique sequences of tasks to customize their own 3D pipelines.
Run tasks sequentially, preventing any possible collisions or issues that may arise from parallel execution.
Add global callbacks at the pipeline level to enable the tracking of task metrics and providing opportunities for additional third-party integrations.

If you’re designing your own 3D content management system, reach out to see how our building blocks can help expedite your deployment.

Flexible Workflows and Integrations

Configure workflows, approvals, and automated processes to match your requirements. With APIs, plugins, and integrations to all of your favorite programs, we ensure smooth cross-tool workflows. 

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