Chapter 8:
Choosing a 3D Commerce Platform

Selecting the right 3D Commerce platform can make it easier for your business to enjoy the benefits of 3D and AR technology. Here’s a look at what 3D Commerce platforms such as VNTANA do, what they can do for your business and how the VNTANA platform can help you implement your 3D eCommerce adoption plan.

What Can 3D Commerce Modeling Platforms Do?

3D Commerce platforms include a wide array of specialized software for 3D and AR applications. VNTANA’s platform is designed to let you:

  • Upload existing 3D designs or have images scanned or modeled for you for use in the platform
  • Have those 3D models instantly optimized to reduce file size and polygon count
  • Organize and manage those 3D models in a content management system
  • Share those optimized models in a 3D web viewer with built-in AR
  • Publish those optimized models anywhere on the web, social, or metaverse
  • Add interactive hotspots to the models to highlight product information
  • Add comments and collaborate with other team members or partners
  • Secure your images with enterprise-quality protection so they can only be viewed by intended audiences
  • Embed your content anywhere using a simple code that can be copy and pasted onto your website or into your eCommerce store
  • Display those 3D models in digital showrooms

These features combined let you optimize, store, organize and share 3D content. They are designed to let you deploy 3D eCommerce at scale and in a short amount of time with not technical knowledge or 3D expertise required. The interface is set up to be user-friendly so you can get up and running quickly, and file size is optimized to make file access and viewing rapid for customers.

Benefits of Using a 3D Commerce Platform

The features of VNTANA’s 3D Commerce platform benefit your business by helping you:

  • Empower sales and marketing teams with the ability to deliver 3D content optimized for fast downloading and viewing
  • Increase sales with 3D and AR optimized for commerce
  • Raise sales conversion rates by as much as 83.1%
  • Reduce returns up to 40%
  • Increase average order value up to 61%
  • Reduce the need for physical samples
  • Lower supply chain costs and eliminate constraints
  • Speed up your time to market
  • Improve your company’s ability to collaborate across teams from design to commerce in delivering a great 3D Commerce experience
  • Accelerate your ability to deliver 3D Commerce at scale

These benefits let you harness 3D Commerce as a powerful sales tool to increase your revenue while cutting your costs. This is part of the reason why VNTANA is trusted by brands like Adidas, Diesel, Deckers, and Hugo Boss.

Get Started with 3D eCommerce with VNTANA

The VNTANA platform is designed to make it easy to get started with 3D Commerce. If your digital product creation team already designs in 3D, you can upload your designs directly to VNTANA to instantly create a 3D web viewer with built-in AR. If you need 3D models, VNTANA’s team can help you create models of your products quickly by scanning them or doing 3D modeling. Schedule a demo to see how VNTANA can help you accelerate your 3D strategy and put you on a fast track toward greater engagement, higher conversions and increased revenue.