Increase Your Apparel Sales & Average Cart Size with 3D eCommerce

3D is proven to double online sales, increase cart size by 61% and reduce returns by 40% because it gives customers such a better understanding of the product.

Simply Upload Existing 3D Designs and Get Optimized Assets for Use Across Web, Social, Advertising, and AR Try-on

3D files have to be small in order for your eCommerce website to load fast and to use 3D files on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. VNTANA automatically converts your existing 3D assets to meet the requirements for sales and marketing use across e-commerce, social media, advertising, and B2B sales. Automatic optimization reduced file size by up to 99% while maintain the highest clarity. Say farewell to manual optimization and wasted time!

Don’t have 3D files? We can help!

We have options that can get you started, today — even if you don’t design in 3D. Our expert 3D artists can create assets from your specifications or our global network of 3D scanning partners can create assets using photogrammetry & scanning. 

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